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Home Movie: 11836: Phal Family Mexico Trip

Published ca. 1977

To come.

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Audio/Visual Color


Reviewer: Spuzz - - September 6, 2014
Subject: We sit on the steeple
Agreeing with the above reviewer.. This isnt of Mexico, but of Peru. The obvious clue is the flag at the end of the film :) Having said that, another great film by the Phals. Great crisp color here, and a lovely voyage to a not very visited much country. Was that a rodeo in the middle, where all those people seemed to congregate on the hill for? What an amazing shot.
Reviewer: dshockeygrl1536 - - June 29, 2013
Subject: This is most definitely NOT Mexico.
Judging by the clothing worn by the people, the flags, and the archaeological areas, this is in the Andes, probably Peru.
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